Understanding Global RTP Servers (Lowest Latency Possible, High Availability)

One of the most important parts of VoIP communications is the Media. Let’s face it if your clients can’t talk to their customers because the audio is bad, or non-existent, then they are going to be extremely unhappy with you.

In VoIP RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) is the format for delivering the media and this is where ConnexCS has the advantage. We have more than 30 RTP servers distributed across the world, meaning that even if your server is deployed in the USA, you can connect a customer and carrier from the UK with minimal audio latency. At present we are looking into increasing this number to cover all 5 major continents.

ConnexCS also runs the media separately from the SIP signalling across the platform, allowing for much better capacity management, as they can be scaled independently of each other. This reduces the chance that the load on one affecting the other leading to either signalling or media difficulties.

With RTP and SIP separated from each other, debugging is much easier and customers can be moved between a choice of worldwide media servers in our media array to avoid network congestion. Although that being said, because of this architecture, our platform can support more than 50,000 concurrent channels of traffic, so congestion is minimal and there is no extra charge for using media servers in different zones.

We have specific documentation to guide you through investigating media issues and this can be found here: https://docs.connexcs.com/media-handling/#how-to-debug-media-issues

Our global, lowest possible latency, highly available RTP array is just one of the wonderful features provided by the ConnexCS platform, so what are you waiting for: Switch Outside the Box.