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Discover why ConnexCS stands out as the premier choice for your call switching and communication requirements. Experience the unparalleled advantages of our platform, boasting exceptional availability, rock-solid stability, and an extensive array of features tailored to exceed your every expectation.

Call-switching made easy

Get a global switching infrastructure within a few clicks. Make your business more effective with a reliable solution

What makes us the best?

Boost your profits with the most feature-rich Softswitch in the market. A one-stop solution for all your VoIP and communications requirements.

  • Scalable:
    A SaaS communications platform designed to scale up as your business operations grow.
  • Reliable:
    We ensure minimal downtime so you can keep your business running like clockwork.
  • Maintenance-Free:
    Our network experts shall take care of, and manage your systems for you.
  • Global:
    Choose from a selection of servers closest to your target market for the best connectivity.

Our Products

Choose from a range of powerful and easy-to-use communication solutions that provide you with extensive capabilities and stability for effective business and communication.

Class 4 SIP Softswitch

Scale your global high-volume traffic with our carrier-grade softswitch. Enjoy effortless management and increased profits thanks to ever-evolving features.

Popular Features

  • Highly Available
  • Easily Scalable
  • Granular Routing Controls

Class 5 PBX

Streamline your organization's communication with a centralized platform and intuitive features. Simplify collaboration and boost productivity.

Popular Features

  • IVR
  • Call Queues
  • Hunt Groups


A load balancing solution specially crafted for VoIP and telecom applications. Manage traffic spikes effortlessly with an added layer of resilience.

Popular Features

  • Instant Failover
  • 10 Gbps DDoS Protection
  • Traffic Distribution Algorithms


Empower seamless communication for your customers, anywhere, anytime. Our PWA-based WebRTC webphone bypasses state-level firewalls and runs flawlessly on any device - all through a simple web browser.

Popular Features

  • Ready to Deploy SDK
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Visual Voicemail

Dialler Builder

Build your dream dialer with our unmatched flexibility. Unleash a powerhouse of customizable components to build the perfect calling experience, tailored exactly to your needs.

Popular Features

  • White Labeling
  • Easy to build
  • Smart Features

Apps Platform

Create bespoke communication apps for your customers. Foster seamless internal communication or streamline specialized business processes. Make them feel valued, not just a part of the crowd.

Popular Features

  • Drag and Drop UI Builder
  • Powerful Compute Capabilities
  • Click to Deploy

Strategic Consultancy

Have a unique communications requirement not covered in the standard services? Let us handle it for you! From long conference calls with connections across continents to full-day consultations, we’ll develop a solution that matches your exact requirements.

Carrier, Wholesale & Retail Solutions

Get a global switching infrastructure within a few clicks. Make your business more effective with a reliable solution

The Amazing Team

Connex Carrier Services is a small, but dedicated, team based in Staffordshire, England with a fresh, new approach to VoIP telecommunications. Please meet our team below.

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