Simplifying Global Connectivity for You and Your Customers!

Carriers are an important cog in the global engine of communication and ConnexCS understands all their unique operational requirements.

Our platform and its underlying architecture are built in a way to satisfy all these requirements and more for tomorrow’s communication leaders.

High-volume traffic capability, intelligent routing strategies, rapid scalability, billing and invoicing, automated payments, call recording, and transcription are only some of the highlights of our platform.

Want to know what more we have to offer? Follow my lead!

Cloud-first Architecture Built with Scalability in Mind

The traditional ways of buying a fixed capacity and working hard to make full use of the acquired capacity are tiring. Moreover, the required level of flexibility in terms of traffic throughput is not present in such setups.

Considering these needs, we build our platform to allow for rapid scaling up to accommodate growing business and quick scaling down to bleed excess capacity as required to minimize operational costs.

Being a cloud-first platform allows us to make these changes immediately.

A Global Network of Servers Exactly Where You Need Them

Having the convenience and option to choose the servers nearest to your clients' and customers’ operational areas is a big advantage for Carriers. With ConnexCS, you have access to our global network of SIP and RTP servers.

You can pick and choose servers anywhere in the world to drive traffic through. This capability directly translates into lower latency, higher call quality, and delivery of a high customer experience.

Earn Profits Effortlessly

We’re all aware of how time-consuming and tedious it can be to create and update rate cards every once in the while. With our platform, you won't have to subject yourself to such hardships.

You can simply set profit percentages or absolute profit margins on the traffic you carry. This way you spend less time working on how best to generate traffic on different routes. You can use your saved time carefully to grow your business further.

Improve ASR and reduce costs intelligently

Low ASR is not only harmful to your bottom line but also results in lower agent productivity. Thus, managing and maintaining a healthy ASR has been the holy grail for the majority of the carriers. With ConnexCS, low ASR becomes a thing of the past!

ASR Plus is a proprietary solution we offer to carriers. This feature checks all outbound traffic and filters it for known bad, non-existent, and failed numbers. Thus, you won’t be left calling and incurring costs for calls that won't earn you any profits.