Timeout Protections (SIP Ping, SST)

A downside of using SIP over a lossy sub-protocol such as UDP is the possibility of Long Duration Calls (LDC) caused by Missing BYE messages. This is a major concern if you are passing millions of calls per day and can prove costly to you and your clients.

ConnexCS uses several techniques to combat this, even if BYE messages go missing in transit.

Our timeout protections include the following:

TCP and TLS Signalling

In addition to UDP we can support TCP and TLS signalling.

Media Inactivity Timeout

When no media activity is detected we specify a timeout we can disconnect the call.

Active and Passive SIP Ping

We can periodically communicate with the one of both legs of the call and say “hey are you still there?”

Active and Passive SIP Session Timers (SST)

We continually track the status of a call by periodically refreshing SIP sessions by sending repeated INVITE requests. We can at regular intervals perform a re-setup of the calls with criteria that if that does not happen the call should be disconnected.

For further information about our timeout protections or other cloud switch protection we put in place, please get in touch on the following: