The Best Multi-POP Cloudswitch

ConnexCS is a Cloud-Native solution, our switch from day 1 was built for the global deployments and horizontal scalability, we have never been a solution that fits onto a single machine.

A cloud-first solution means that you get the full power of modern computing architecture, no single point of failure (SPOF) and data is always available and always backed up. So if a data centre was to experience issues, we’d automatically reroute traffic to the nearest provider located around the world.

We can also locate switches closer to your global customer base and providers. This allows us to provide the highest quality of service and even offer you value-added facilities such as our global cluster of RTP servers, something that a single switch solution can’t come close to.

How it works

To start off with we provide DNS to help resolve to our AnyEdge cluster which will then distribute traffic to dedicated switches (not partitions). You can deploy switches as per your requirement and build in what levels of availability suit your needs. You can then benefit from all of the existing infrastructure that comes with our service.

Benefits of multi-pop cloudswitch

Low Latency

We can provide low latency regardless of your destination

Increased Performance

By creating shorter routes, traffic can travel faster meaning more seamless calls.

High Scalability

We can manage 10,000 Calls Per Second and offer Instant Updates allowing you to scale up easily.

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