Simplifiying our Softswitch Pricing

Despite there being quite a comprehensive page on our website, at ConnexCS one of the most asked questions is: How much does it cost? So let me try and explain our pricing policy.

We have two different pricing models:

  • Per channel
  • Per minute

The thing that confuses most people is that this is an OR situation not an AND situation. This means that you can choose one or the other not both together, depending on which is most economic for your business and we can advise on that. You can always rely on us to honestly tell you on which model you would pay the least.

On the per channel pricing model the basic charge is $1 per channel with a minimum monthly payment of $20 so, for this, you would receive the use of 20 channels per month. Obviously, if you require more, then it is easy for us to increase your number of channels at just the click of a button. This model tends to suit the companies that have a very large, steady traffic requirement.

The per minute plan suits those who are maybe, just starting out or don’t have as many minutes per day. The difference here is that you have access to 1000 channels so if your dialling is intermittent or fluctuates during the day, then you are not restricted to set numbers of channels. This also comes with a monthly charge of $20 so if, for example, you only do $17 worth of calls over a month, we take the other $3 from your account at the end of the month to make it up to $20. If you are lucky enough to do more than $20 then you just pay what you owe.

Both plans deplete your account on an incremental basis throughout the month as the system calculates the costs every 5 minutes 24/7, so you will see your balance reducing over the month. This is nothing to worry about and is normal for our system.

Now, all of the above describes our basic charging plan and is known as Nimbus, however we also break this down for bigger users and these are displayed on our website and named after other cloud formations. First we have Alto which starts once you achieve either 3000 channels or 10 million minutes a month and then we have Cirrus for customers using 20,000 channels or 100 million minutes per month.

So with competitive pricing, what are you waiting for : Switch Outside the Box.