Scalability – Grow at Speeds That Suit You

ConnexCS provides the ability to scale at a speed that suits you. We understand that growth is not linear and that your business might need to adapt quickly.

As we provide more than just a single switch, you are not limited by the capabilities of a single box.

One of the most common questions we face is often around the number of calls customers can make per second (CPS). Generally, the feedback we receive is that they have experienced some issues with providers when trying to grow call volumes. This makes it difficult to continue to add new customers as it could affect service levels. Hampering their ability to grow.

How do ConnexCS tackle Scalability?

The ConnexCS platform was designed to be both multi-datacentre, multi-continent and entirely horizontally scalable from its initial conception. This means there are no bottlenecks allowing customers to send up to 100’s of CPS without issue. Even if you wish to exceed this amount, we can scale multiple components to offer increased calls per second.

It’s not only CPS that can be scaled, components such as Channels can also be scaled to allow increased concurrent calls. Registrations can also be scaled so that more desk phones and softphones can be added to your network without issue.

With a variety of solutions which can be added to your packages such as Class 4 SIP Cloudswitch, Class 5 Cloud PBX and AnyEdge Routing. You can keep all your services in one place, helping you to focus on growing your network.

Network Redundancy

The larger your customer base grows the more emphasis you put on network reliability. To combat this another solution we offer is our AnyEdge Routing. This allows you to distribute traffic to a global cluster with no single point of failure and benefit through simple administrations on a beautiful control panel. This creates a more stable network with stronger redundancy.

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