ConnexCS WebPhone SDK Co

To enhance integration of our WebPhone we’ve recently released our Webphone SDK Connector. This allows users to easily incorporate the WebPhone within their own applications.

What is our Webphone?

Our Webphone is a simple WebRTC application which runs directly within your browser. It acts similarly to softphones or physical handsets without the need to download any software or configure any handsets.

We’ve recently written a blog about our WebRTC WebPhone which discusses features, security and how it works. You can find it in this blog ConnexCS WebPhone.

What is a WebPhone SDK Connector?

Our WebPhone SDK (Software Development Kit), allows users to integrate our WebPhone within applications with ease. Supported by our WebPhone SDK documentation you can explore the code and customise various aspects of it to suit your needs.

In what situations would I need to integrate a WebPhone?

Let’s say your company has heavily invested in software such as CRM. To make it easier to make calls it would be better to call directly from the CRM. If it doesn’t already have this functionality our WebPhone can easily be added with a few lines of code. All the functionality and security are already done, making it easy to add and start making calls.

Another situation would be where engineers who regularly make site visits and need to access company software. They are often equipped with a computer and mobile internet connection. Instead of using personal mobile phones, a WebPhone deployed within the software would make life easier.

What are the benefits of deploying ConnexCS WebPhone within your software?

  • Allow calls to be made from applications without switching (saving time and reducing mistakes).
  • Minimal Configuration
  • Features and Security already added.
  • Easily added
  • Full Documentation

Where can I find the SDK?

You can find the WebPhone SDK on our GitHub account: