Comprehensive Cloud Softswitch Documentation

So you are new to our Switch? You want to get set up or perhaps you need something a little more detailed? But how do you go about it? Well, we have comprehensive, feature rich documentation available for you here:

You will find our Getting Started guide a really useful document when you are first starting out with our Switch. It will take you through a step-by-step process for setting up your account and your customers and carriers/providers.

The Documentation provides guides, user documents and the API to help you get the most out of our Switch. We shall soon have a full set all about our Customer Portal but we are still writing them, as we speak, in order to ensure that they are as up to date as possible.

For those of you who are well versed with our Switch, we have advanced documentation for when that new carrier or customer suddenly presents you with a different set up than you are used to or you want to change the LCR to manual, plus our many other specialised features to ensure we can cover most eventualities.

A feature rich Switch with accompanying documentation to help you – so what are you waiting for : Switch Outside the Box.