ScriptForge – Javascript Routing

Switching is getting calls from A to B, however its often more complicated than that, it can go from A to B, C, D, E, then how about in a specific order, which is different dependant on many factors, time of day, quality, originating number (CLI Localization), destination number (Block List), not after X seconds of the last call to this number (Compliance Reasons). The list is endless, the only way to accommodate an endless list is with a turing complete language such as Javascript (ECMA Script).

This can allow you to design your own custom functionality using the Javascript programming language. ConnexCS is the only cloud switch provider to offer this functionality.

Currently, scripting functionality is supported in the routing engine, where it runs alongside the call setup process.

What are the advantages of using ScriptForge Javascript Routing?

Script forge is an exceptionally fast way to execute commands which can allow custom developments to run smoothly.

Script Forge Javascript Routing

Script Forge Javascript Routing

Script Forge can make use of the ConnexCS API, Internal Databases, External Lookups and History. Making it a powerful tool to grow your service offering.

So what sorts of things can you do with ScriptForge Javascript Routing?

Build your own routing algorithms Create custom routing to take better control over your calls.

Build a DNC List

An important feature for call centres is a DNC, using Script Forge Javascript routing you build your own custom DNC functionality.

Manipulate CLI / P-Assert-ID

You can manipulate or change the CLI or P-Assert-ID on a outgoing call.

Implement time of day call restrictions

Create time of day call restrictions to add a greater level of security to your platform.

Check out our github repository with a few examples:

If you would like to set up the ScriptForge Javascript you can find the documentation here: Connex CS ScriptForge.

Our Javascript integration does not stop there, you can also build class 5 Programmable Voice Applications, build drivers that allow you to write custom business logic monitoring or did provider interface drivers to interconnect to any DID providers of your choice, and much more.

For further information about our ScriptForge Javascript Routing or other services, please get in touch on the following: