Redundant Redundancies (Backups of backups)

One of the key aspects of offering telecommunications is network stability. ConnexCS continually looks for ways to make our network more reliable. Therefore we’ve developed our AnyEdge solution.

AnyEdge uses Anycast which is a technique to advertise an IP address from multiple pops. It uses Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to ensure that you always talk to the nearest server and if there are any problems we simply drop a zone and your traffic fails over to the next nearest.

This will minimise downtime and keep your customers online. Helping to maintain excellent call quality and media transfer.

Our Redundancy Strategy Includes:

DNS Redundancy

DNS redundancy helps network services remain accessible in the event of an outage. We do this by using multiple IP addresses in a DNS record, allowing us to move traffic from a failing server to a live, redundant server. We also make use of SRV records and round-robin A records for non-compatible clients.

AnyEdge Globally Redundant Load Balancing Cluster

Using a load-balancing cluster we can send nodes to the best performing servers and provide additional redundancy if one server fails.

Globally Distributed SIP Server

Providing worldwide connectivity to our global customer base. Using the nearest routes to provide low latency and higher traffic.

Dedicated Transactional, Sequential, Archival, Analytics, Indexing Databases

All mirrored and distributed in multi-countries.

Multi-datacenter monitoring system

We monitor all our data centres to make sure that all services are performing to maximum levels and if any issues occur our system will simply failover to the nearest backup.

Globally available WebUI

Our user interface is available globally to access and control your telecommunications solutions.

Multi-lingual, Multi-country, Support team

As a global company, ConnexCS supports clients around the world. Therefore, we’ve employed various support technicians in various countries around the world. Helping to deal with clients in a variety of languages.

Our AnyEdge SIP Load Balancer is a must-have solution for telecommunication providers looking to create greater reliability to their network. If you wish to learn more about our AnyEdge solution or other cloud telecommunication services get in touch with us on the following: