Rate Card Profit Assurance

The reason we are all in business is to make a profit and it is the basis of all our actions, so when calls go from customer to provider you want every call to be profitable. Here, at ConnexCS, we provide 2 techniques to ensure profitability.

Rate Generation from Providers Rate Cards

Many other systems you would add a provider card, then maybe load that card into excel fiddle around to add your markup, then upload it as your customer card. This leaves a huge scope for human error and lacks repeatability, especially when provider then increase their pricing.

We allow generation of your customer cards from your provider cards with your own markups. When you have multiple providers and 100,000 of rules our system can manage this for you with repeatable results every time.

Active Rate Card Profit Assurance

Secondly, we have a feature called ‘active profit assurance’ which makes sure we block calls which would not be profitable to connect. This can protect you from rate rises from the providers. If customers flag that they can’t call a particular number, it might be due to the base rate from the provider increasing more than your set call cost.

You can also add many other features such as call cost capping, blocking connection costs, max call duration limitations, ACD/ASR thresholds with automatic penalties.

At ConnexCS we strive to make sure that we do everything we can to help your business grow. Making sure that you make a profit on calls is one many rules we put in place to achieve this.