ConnexCS expands AnyEdge SIP Load Balancer to India

We’re delighted to announce that we have successfully deployed an AnyEdge node in Pune India. This further enhances our AnyEdge SIP Load Balancer by creating shorter routes and improved availability.

What is ConnexCS AnyEdge SIP Load Balancer?

Connex AnyEdge SIP Load Balancer advertises your IP address with us from multiple endpoints. Using Border Gateway Protocol a protocol in the heart of the internet to ensure that you always talk to the nearest and fastest route. If there are any problems AnyEdge simply drops a zone and your traffic fails over to the next nearest location.

What are the benefits of using AnyEdge SIP Load Balancer?

Adding greater availability to SIP traffic can often be difficult due to user account control, customers config and NAT pin-holing.

ConnexCS AnyEdge server gives you an IP address which is advertised via AnyCast through servers all over the world. This gives the lowest latency for your customers & carriers and provides the best resiliency against servers going offline.

By adding Pune, India to our network, it complements our existing zones: London, UK, New York & Silicon Valley (USA), Frankfurt (Germany) & Singapore (Malaysia). This creates even shorter routes and allows traffic to move quicker.

What new networks does Pune, India connect to?

Connex CS is connected to the following data upstreams:

  • AS55410 – Vodafone Idea Ltd
  • AS4755 – TATA Communications formerly VSNL
  • AS18101 – Reliance Communications Ltd

and the following IX

  • Airtel
  • Mumbai-IX
  • NIXI

Our AnyEdge SIP Load Balancer is a must-have solution for telecommunication providers looking to create greater reliability to their network.