Combatting Covid-19 with Carrier-Grade Communications Solutions to Help Users Work Remotely

Since the Coronavirus swept through the globe it has caused many countries to go into lockdown. As a result, many businesses have been unable to travel to offices and have had to adapt to working from home.

For those with advanced telecommunications systems that are based in the cloud, this has been a seamless transition. However, some businesses have found it difficult to adapt which has caused issues with the way they operate.

As we don’t know what the future holds and how long the virus will last it’s important for telecommunication providers to switch to offering a cloud-based solution.

Utilising WebRTC to Minimise Hardware Costs

A sudden switch to working remotely without too much prior warning has caught businesses out. Many IT technicians have been left with headaches as every individual has different setups. For example, VoIP telephone handsets often require you to connect via a cable to your network. This can be achieved if say your router is on your desk in the office, however many routers are spread in different locations around the house.

ConnexCS provide WebRTC solutions which remove the need for physical handsets to make calls, users can use web browsers either via computers or mobile phones.

Help Large Amounts of End-users Without Issue

Connex CS can provide a cloud softswitch to telecommunication providers to help their end-users work remotely. With the large reliable infrastructure, we have the capacity to support over 10,000 users.

Instant Network Deployment

Using advanced software development we can deploy a cloud softswitch instantly and get telecommunication providers up and running quickly. We have a range of solutions including class 4, class 5 and even deploy 3cx solutions.

Free Consultation

Help is always on hand, we offer a free consultation to understand your current offering. We’ll also discuss how our solutions can replace existing setups and the benefits we can offer. With our experienced development team, we can customise platforms to create advanced solutions which can benefit end-users working remotely. Our Carrier-Grade Communications Solutions are reliable and secure.

How Connex CS has Contributed to Help Battle Coronavirus

We’re proud to announce that ConnexCS has contributed telecommunications software worth thousands of pounds to help keyworkers work remotely.

Connex CS provide innovative Carrier-Grade Communications Solutions such as a cloud softswitch that can help you communicate with your customers better.