An Out of the Box Telecoms Network

Are you Looking for an out of the box telecoms network? Don’t have much technical knowledge? We can help you build the foundations of your own telecommunications company.

ConnexCS provides a global turnkey solution. This means that if you’re non-technical or wish to invest more time in other areas of your business such as sales, we will take care of the network, deployments, maintenance, backups and archiving data.


One of the key things to consider with out of the box telecommunications is scale. If you grow your network and it only allows you to add a certain amount of channels then you could quickly become stuck. ConnexCS solutions are scalable in numerous ways.


Telecoms is often an area which can be exploited for fraud, with our advanced security and monitoring we have put in a range of measures to combat this. Making sure that your network is protected.

Feature Rich

We have a range of features which are ready from launch and we constantly look for ways in which we can improve or add new ones. We’re always open to feature requests if they can help benefit all our customers.

This allows you to focus on selling your packages and working with clients to improve their communications, rather than worrying about backups of backups. Your system will also be managed by experts who can handle a range of technical queries.

Custom Development

It doesn’t stop there, as you begin to grow you may want to add customisation to your solutions. Clients may also request certain features. To combat this we have an API and ScriptForge which allow you to add custom development to your organisation.

You can sleep at night knowing your telecoms solutions is safe, secure and can be expanded whenever you need to.