Record, Monitor and Improve Your Performance!

Customer Service Operations have gained a lot of importance in recent years. We’re sure you must've seen the stats yourself.

While contact centers have sprung up and multi-channel customer service is picking up, calls still are the primary means of servicing customers.

Unlike other channels of communication, calls need to be recorded to be analyzed for performance later.

ConnexCS makes your task easy with its call recording feature. You have the option to manually record particular calls or select from a range of sampling rates for call recording.

In-line Real-time call recording can benefit you in multiple ways!

Easy Compliance

A lot of industries such as finance, insurance, legal, etc. require or benefit the customer service operators to keep a detailed record of all the conversations it engages in with the customers it services.

With ConnexCS, complying to such regulations becomes as easy as switching on call recording for all calls from the control panel.

You have full control over the recording, storage and exporting of your recorded calls.

Better Performance Management

Managing the performance of call center agents is difficult without knowing how they’re engaging with the customers. Now you can listen in on all conversations in real-time but that would be a labor and cost intensive task.

ConnexCS’s call recording allows you to sample a certain percentage of all incoming and outgoing calls. This way you can monitor the performance of call center agents at random and ensure everyone performs to the best of their capabilities.

Or Maybe There’s An Even Easier Way?

Well of course there is with ConnexCS. Now you can not only record calls but have them transcribed all in one go. Imagine the amount of valuable data you can unlock by transcribing calls!

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