Let Nothing Stop The Flow Of Calls!

SPOFs and Network hiccups cost VoIP businesses a lot. VoIP providers have dreamed of a system that never goes down. Well, we’re happy to tell you that we’ve turned your dreams into reality!

Our AnyEdge (Anycast) Load Balancer will ensure you always have service availability under any circumstances.

Let Us Show You How We Make An Always Available Service Possible.

How Does It Work?

Let’s just say there’s a whole lot of clever engineering that goes behind making AnyEdge a savior for all VoIP Operators.

You already know about the active-active configuration of load balancing. AnyEdge, works similarly, however, AnyEdge is a collection of global cloud-based load balancing servers.

This means no matter where your business operates from or your customers are, your calls will always go through to your customers.

High Availability

There are multiple reasons why your service may suffer an outage. It could be a SPOT on your network infrastructure, issues on the ISP’s end, Local or Zonal network failure, etc. Any number of reasons and combinations can take your service down.

AnyEdge mitigates such possibilities and ensures your service is up and running under all circumstances.

Effortless Traffic Surge Management

The problem of traffic surges can catch even the most seasoned call center operators off guard. While you can always deploy additional capacity, it comes with added operational costs.

With AnyEdge, you don’t have to worry about traffic surges a lot. AnyEdge balances the loads across all the deployed servers linearly. This means you can utilize your existing servers to the maximum without needing additional ones or incurring any penalties.

But Wait, There’s More!

AnyEdge by itself is a very powerful tool to have in your tech stack. When you combine AnyEdge with our Class 4 SIP CloudSwitch, you end up with a VoIP system that is highly available, resilient to threats and swiftly scalable as per your needs.

Check out our other offerings to see how your business can benefit more!