Wondering How Capable We Are? Have A Look At Our Success Stories!

While we can present you with numbers and claims such as “zero down time”, “100 million calls per month”, “500+ customers”, it won’t make your decision making process easier.

Instead, we would like to show you how we have managed to help businesses grow over the years and played a pivotal role in helping them achieve their long-term business objectives.

An Award Winning Cloud Call Center Solutions Provider Operates Successfully in 60+ Markets Using ConnexCS

We’re proud to be associated with Primo Dialer since our inception. Our long standing relationship has enabled us to help one another realize many business objectives. We’ve developed many industry-first VoIP features and solutions with the feedback and inputs provided by their capable team.

Using ConnexCS as their preferred CPaaS, Primo Dialer provides service to more than 800 high-volume VoIP customers in 60+ markets globally.

Their Call Center Solutions have found much acclaim and widespread use in industries such as Insurance, Financial Services, Renewable Energy, Marketing and Lead Generation.Learn more...

Vezeti Handles over 10 Million Minutes of Calls a Month With Zero Downtime Using ConnexCS’s SIP Solution

Among our valued clientele, Vezeti happens to be our first major UCaaS provider. We have been working together with Vezeti for over half a decade now, in what has proven to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

We take pride in Vezeti’s growth and bringing advanced and affordable communication capabilities to businesses and operators based in Nigeria and the African Continent. Vezeti capably serves over 1800 customers ranging from small and medium enterprises to businesses, vendors and professionals.

Their UCaaS, Cloud and On-premise PBX systems are widely used across industries such as Financial Services, Logistics, Insurance, Social Services, Telemarketing, Manufacturing, etc.

ConnexCS delivers a Light Communication Product for the Unique Communication Requirements of an Off-shore Oil Rig Operator

Opportunities can come knocking at any time. With ConnexCS, you can deliver any solution as quickly as possible and never miss any opportunities.

In this recent example, we helped our client win a unique opportunity. The opportunity came from an Offshore Oil Rig Operator. They wanted to deliver a communication facility to everyone stationed on their Oil Rigs.

The catch here was how they wanted to manage communication on a per-user basis. Our client was able to build and deliver this solution using ConnexCS to the end user within one week. Click here to learn how they achieved it!