The Best Dialer Doesn't Exist Yet. We Could Help You Build One!

The market for web phones and automated dialers hasn’t seen a lot of action in a long time but the status quo has changed indeed.

The requirements for global communication have been growing rapidly. Even small businesses are moving online and operating globally.

There’s plenty of opportunity and growth room for speciality web phones and automated dialers for you to capitalize on.

Let's Check Out How ConnexCS Can Help You In This Endeavour!

A Ready to Deploy SDK

ConnexCS has a powerful SDK waiting just for you and your ambitions to scale the summit of future communication. We employ a tested and stable architecture for our SDK that enables business to build upon its exceptional core capabilities.

Build an interface that resonates with your brand personality, add in a dash of elegance and some rich features trending in the market and you’re good to go.

Yes, it's that easy to get started with ConnexCS. Hit the ground running and capture the market!

A Global Network of SIP and RTP Servers

Doesn’t matter where your customers are at or their customers are at. Our global network of SIP and RTP servers will help you deliver the best customer experience to your customers and their customers alike.

You have full control over how you want to route the calls. You can select and assign servers to customers for their respective zone of operations.

Enjoy low latency, calls that always connect and superior audio quality irrespective of the location one is based at.

Impeccable Service Availability with AnyEdge

Running servers in an active-active configuration for redundancy is the bare minimum you can do to satisfy the customer experience expectations in the market.

Customers expect a lot and for VoIP it means that flow of calls should never stop. We can help you achieve exceptional service availability. How? With AnyEdge!

AnyEdge is our Anycast Load Balancer specially built for VoIP application. What does this mean for you? No SPOF or Network failure will lead to service disruptions!