The Most Accurate and Affordable Cloud Transcription Service.

Transform Calls into Powerful Data!

Yes, you read that right. ConnexCS not only lets you record calls but have them transcribed too!

There is a lot of information lost in calls but not anymore. ConnexCS will help you extract precious information from your calls with in-line and real-time transcription.

What Would You Learn from this Data?

Transcribed calls are easier for computers and machines to understand. We all know how powerful Data Analytics is and the insights you generate can benefit your business in so many ways.

Quantify what was previously impossible

The only way Call Centers and Customer Success Teams knew the customers were unhappy was when customer retention dropped. Let’s mitigate that now!

Our call transcription feature will allow you to search for keywords in every transcribed call. Add in a bit of behavioral analysis and now you’ll know what you’re doing right and where you need to improve.

Find out if your customers are happy in real-time

A business’s biggest asset is a happy customer. Now, agents can tell you how many customers are happy and how many are not. However, that doesn’t paint the big picture.

Cloud-based call transcription allows for real-time behavioral analysis. This means you will know customer satisfaction levels in real time. Seeing the big picture can help you manage performance and strategy without any delays.

Analyze the Performance of Agents

It’s time you let go of metrics such as FCR rate, average handle time, etc. to assess the performance of your agents. These metrics though useful are vanity metrics.

Dive into the depths of the conversation and understand how good the conversation was with the help of your call transcription feature. The ability to quantify conversation quality will help you assess an agent’s performance fairly.

Keep everything recorded and documented

Compliances, regulations, laws and lawsuits; there are a lot of things a business has to put up with. One thing that helps a business overcome such obstacles is well-recorded and documented data.

With ConnexCS, you’ll now be capable of documenting a select number, or all your calls. Call transcripts are light to store and easy to search through. This makes your existence as a business a simpler one.