Pricing Switch outside the box

ConnexCS is a fully cloud-based carrier service that is built to keep your VoIP calls clear and connected, for less. Starting from $20.00

Pricing Guide

Server Cost$20/server
Per minute

I would like to pay as I go for the minutes that pass through my switch with no channel limit.

> No channel limit

Per channel

I want to pay for a reserved capacity of channels, with no usage limit.

> No usage limit

$0.0003 / Minute
Minimum Charge$30.00
$30.00Full Price
Thank you for doing business with ConnexCS
$1.0 / Channel / Month
Minimum Charge
$0.00Full Price
Thank you for doing business with ConnexCS

Anycast Loadbalancer Available with or without Connex Cloudswitch


/ cps / month

Strategic Consultancy

We offer a range of services to help you and your business with your VoIP requirements. From hour-long conference calls to full-day consultations, we can develop a solution that best meets your business need.

Call-switching made easy

Get a global switching infrastructure within a few clicks. Make your business more effective with a reliable solution