One Organization, One Communication Solution, Multiple Global Locations

A communication solution precisely engineered for truly global enterprises.

Keep all your offices and locations spread across the globe connected as if they’re one. Offer a richer communication experience to your employees and customers alike. Make sure you’re making the most out of the present trend of remote work as well.

Effective communication drives effective growth for enterprises. Having your global teams interact regularly with one another means you’re maximizing productivity and solving problems quicker and more capably.

Let's take a look at how we can improve your communication!

Seamless Global Communication

ConnexCS’s global architecture was designed to cater to the communication requirements of future global enterprises.

What this means for you is we can offer communication facilities all around the globe. You can have your offices and locations anywhere across the six continents and be assured that you will be able to communicate effortlessly with your other locations.

Secured Private Communication Network

Global businesses need to communicate securely. In the day and age where privacy has become a major concern, ConnexCS helps you provide secure lines of communication to your employees and customers.

The best part is that you’re in charge of your security. You have complete control over which security protocols to use and which network protocols to send traffic over.

The added fact that you don't share your network with anyone else acts as an additional layer of security.

Intelligent Class 5 PBX features

Getting through to the right person can become difficult when your organization is big and spread across the globe. ConnexCS simplifies communication with its intelligent Class 5 PBX functionalities.

Set up and deploy extensive IVR menus, set custom routing and queuing strategies for calls, enjoy conference calls, hunt groups, etc. with our enterprise communication solution.

An Affordable, Unparalleled Communication Experience

Global voice communication for an entire organization can pile up expenses quickly. This is not the case with ConnexCS. Make the most of the best communication capabilities the market has to offer at the best prices available in the market.

What makes ConnexCS more appealing is that the more communication traffic you generate, the lower your effective costs get.

So next time you get on a call with an important overseas client or an enterprise counterpart, you’ll be able to have a thorough conversation without worrying about the costs.