Connect a Remotely Working World using ConnexCS.

Thanks to the pandemic, we now know that working from home has too many benefits. The only problem that remains is to connect everyone who wants to work from home to their workplaces.

If you have or are developing such UCaaS solutions, ConnexCS can make your job easy!

How? We’ve built a powerful platform that enables businesses to build all sorts of communications products and UCaaS happens to be one of them.

Want to know what all we have on offer?

Feature-rich Voice Communication Capability

Conference callings, intelligent call routing, call queues, IVR menus and many more features await you! Combined with our rock solid reliability and service availability, you’ll be able to cater to all communication needs in the market.

The best part? Our global network will enable you to connect your customer’s workforce irrespective of where they might be working from.

Leveraging VoIP, you’ll be able to grow your profits and benefit from the affordable tariff it offers!

A Native to the Video Communication Era

Adding video capabilities to your communication makes it more effective and personal. While remote working has its benefits it suffers from a lack of social connect. Video communications helps alleviate this downside.

The businesses are aware of this and want a communication solution that comes loaded with this feature. Here is your chance to provide them with what they seek the most!

Intelligent Billing and Invoicing

Billing calls can be a tricky affair and thankfully you don’t have to worry about it. Our platform comes loaded with an intelligent billing and invoicing facility.

You will be able to send automated reminders to your customers for various purposes. You have the option to collect payments via prepaid or postpaid model.

Add taxes, additional service charges and other chargeable components to your invoices as required. ConnexCS will help you streamline every operation!

Plenty of Integrations and a Robust SDE

There’s a lot that our customers have built on top of our core functionalities and services. Our team has ensured you can plugin any required API into our platform and build from there.

Moreover, we also have a robust SDE within our platform that unlock a whole world of possibilities to you. ConnexCS makes sure you have everything needed to build the UCaaS platform of your dreams and do it effortlessly!