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Old set of technologies eating into your profits? We could help you change that!

With ConnexCS’s VoIP solution for Call Centers, expect not only to make your operations hassle-free but grow your profits and improve customer experience at the same time.

It doesn’t matter where your customers are located. Your calls will always reach them quickly and cost-efficiently.

Want to service markets in North America and the European Union? We'll help you acquire all required clearances to safely service customers in these markets.

Wondering how we’ll deliver upon all that? Take a look at what we have to offer!

The Best STIR/SHAKEN Implementation On The Market

Servicing customers in the USA requires all operators to be STIR/SHAKEN compliant. ConnexCS doesn’t only help you get your STIR/SHAKEN certificate but also offers the best implementation of STIR/SHAKEN on the market.

Regular implementations of STIR/SHAKEN not only add additional latency and cost but also introduce more SPOFs in your system.

Our implementation helps you circumvent all of these down sides. Your calls will thus reach your customers without being blocked or marked as SPAM by the FCC.

A Global Network of SIP and RTP Servers

ConnexCS has its RTP network spread across the world. As customers, you’ll enjoy the freedom to choose servers closest to your customers.

This will not only help you deliver a better customer experience but ensure all your calls connect quickly and there are no call drops.

Route Call More Effectively

Ensuring the call reaches the right agent in the first attempt itself can significantly boost your FCR. Use our IVR system and create an easy to navigate menu for your customers. This way all your customers will be presented with solutions effectively.

Worried about peak hour buildups? Our Intelligent Call Queuing gives you full control as to how peak time customer traffic is handled. You can set in rules and routing strategy to ensure you minimize the Wait Time even during peak hours.

Call Recording and Transcription

Keeping a record of your calls is helpful in many ways. Some industries and markets already require you to record a certain sample size of calls. So why not make the most of it?

Use call recordings to monitor and assess agent performance. Use the insights to improve the performance of the call center as a whole.

In case you don't have the resources to dedicate manpower to listen to recordings, opt for call transcription. Extract valuable data from call recordings and make use of data analytics to improve your operations and decision making exponentially.